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Membership of the Governing Body

Full name Name known by Type Appt. Date Term Who appointed
James Peters James Peters LA 14/03/2023 4 years GB/LA Approved
Dr Carole Nicholson Carole Nicholson Headteacher Ex-Officio
Ray Lawrence Ray Lawrence

Interim Associate Headteacher 

Jacqueline Myers Jacqueline Myers# Co-opted 01/09/2021 4 years Elected
Ana Carreiro Ana Carreiro Co-opted 01/09/2021 4 years Elected
Elizabeth Oyedepo Elizabeth Oyedepo Parent 01/09/2021 4 years Elected
Zivile Sidkher  Zivile Sidkher  Parent 01/11/2021 4 years Elected
Selma Salim Selma Salim Parent 02/03/2023 4 years Elected
Claire Stoyles Claire Stoyles Parent 02/03/2023 4 years Elected
Yvonne Dixon Yvonne Dixon Staff Governor 06/12/2022 4 years Elected

# Interim Chair until 13/11/24

Former members of governing body

Name Type Date stepped down
Sue Nash Parent 31 December 2014
Alicia Lynch Staff 8 May 2016
Samantha Parrilon Parent 24 June 2016
John Ioannou Parent 26 November 2016
Haia Ironside Staff 15 June 2017
Anthony Kalu Co-opted 31 July 2018
Marcin Lubanski Co-opted 31 July 2018
Barbara Reissner Staff 22 May 2019
Tim Diggins Co-opted 31 July 2019
Sharon Blair Parent 14 April 2019
Sally Marsh Co-opted 31 August 2019
Patricia Quigley Associate 31 August 2019
Sagel Ibrahim GB 31 August 2020
Rita Krishna Co-opted  7 May 2021
Alison Garnham Parent 31 August 2021
Shaher Mayet Parent 31 August 2021
Veran Patel Parent 31 August 2021
Georgia Batziou Staff 30 November 2020
Nasima Begum Parent  12 November 2020
Joanne Sweeney Head 31 August 2022
David Lowry Chair 12 March 2024
Matthew James Rodger Co-opted 22 April 2024
Niki Hall Parent 25 May 2024


Operations Committee

Operations Committee Terms of Reference

  • Dr Carole Nicholson (Headteacher)
  • Jacqueline Myers(Interim Chair)

Pupil Progress and Welfare Committee

PPW Terms of Reference

  • Laura Clements (Deputy Head) 
  • Jacqueline Myers(Interim Chair)
  • James Peters
  • Ana Carreiro
  • Niki Hall
  • Elizabeth Oyedepo
  • Zivile Sidkher 

Head Teacher Performance Management Committee

  • Jacqueline Myers(Interim Chair)

Attendance at Meetings 2022-2023

 Attendance at meetings 2022/2023 Governing Body Operations Committee PPW Committee
David Lowry 3/3  3/3
James Peters 2/3 3/3
Ana Carreiro 2/3 2/3
Matthew  Rodger 2/3 3/3
KT Khan 2/3 2/3
Jacqueline Myers 2/3 3/3 2/3
Zivile  Sidkher 2/3 3/3
Elizabeth  Oyedepo 3/3 2/3
Niki  Hall 1/3 3/3
Selma  Salim 0/3
Claire  Stoyles 2/3
Yvonne  Dixon 2/3 2/3 3/3

Register of Interests

Name of Governor/ Associate

Relevant business & pecuniary interests Governance role in other educational institutions Any material interests from relationships with governors or school staff (including spouses, partners, close relatives)
James Peters None None None
Jacqueline Myers None None None
Ana Carreiro None None None
Elizabeth Oyedepo None None None
Zivile Sidkher  None None None
Claire Stoyles None None None
Yvonne Dixon None None None
Ray Lawrence
None None None

Associate members only: details of their voting rights on committees

  • Can't be elected as the chair or vice-chair of the governing board.
  • May be excluded from any part of a meeting where the business being considered concerns a member of school staff or an individual pupil.
  • Are appointed for a period between 1 and 4 years and can be reappointed at the end of their term
  • May be removed from office by the board at any time

In terms of voting rights, associate members:

  • Can attend full governing board meetings, but can't vote
  • Can chair committees and vote in committee meetings if:
  • It's been agreed by the governing board, and they are over 18
  • Can't cast deciding votes in a committee if the vote is evenly split

This is set out on pages 64 to 65 of the Governance Handbook, and regulations 7, 12, 14(3), 24 and 26(6) of The School Governance (Roles, Procedures and Allowances) (England) Regulations 2013.

Your board can't delegate decisions related to staffing to committees which include associate members who are pupils or staff members. This is set out in regulation 5 of The School Governance (Miscellaneous Amendments) (England) Regulations 2015.

Associate members can't be link governors and shouldn't make school visits. This is because they aren't governors and monitoring isn't part of their role. Their purpose is to lend their expertise to the board through meetings.

They also aren't required to undergo DBS checks like regular governors, another reason they shouldn't make school visits.