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A unique learning environment to help your child grow.

Our building is a state-of-the-art learning space awarded the 2014 RIBA architectural prize for Best Educational and Community Building in London.

A student-centered ethos lies at the heart of the building’s design, which offers large classrooms, wide corridors, an abundance of natural light, and well-maintained multi-purpose facilities.


Our facilities cater to both the educational development and therapeutic needs of pupils with autism and ASD.

They serve our aims to nurture pupils through their learning journey and include:

  • Early years classroom purpose-built for young learners
  • Classrooms fitted with interactive whiteboards and technology to support learning
  • Smaller group rooms allowing time away from main class activities as necessary
  • Sensory spaces for therapeutic sessions and soft play areas
  • Large light rooms for interactive learning
  • Drama & Dance Studio with a full-time teacher and part-time therapist
  • Gym purpose-built for a range of sports
  • Splash pool for water-based activity for younger pupils
  • The pod – outside areas with fresh air and natural light used for water and sand play
  • A café run by students to foster work-related learning and gain vital life skills
  • A flat equipped with kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom to help develop independence and skills for adult life

There is also a Parent Area for reviews, parent-led meetings, and training services provided by the school.