Celebrating Autism Awareness At The Garden

We are getting very excited about Autism Awareness Week at The Garden, which we will be celebrating 27th March – 31st March 2017.

Due to the high needs of our children, many families find it difficult to find appropriate provision after school and during school holidays for their children to attend. 

We have a number of fundraising events planned to help us raise money to set up a highly specialised and free after-school club. There are also plans in place to start up a subsidised provision for our pupils during the school holidays.

We are running 13.1 miles to raise £2600.00 

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11 of our very own employees and 2 governors from the Garden School will be running the Hackney Half marathon ‘RunHackney’ in a bid to raise £200.00 per runner to support fundraising campaign. The half marathon takes place on the 30th April 2017. The Garden ‘run club’ has been meeting twice a week to make sure we are in tip top shape for the big day.

Our runners are:

Martin Kiel
Laura Lopez
Ester Mundo 
Amy Yamaguchi
Haia Ironside
Estrella Fernandez 
Laura Cologni
Clarissa Michael
Triston Scotland 
Jibreal Ahmed 
Tim Diggins (School Governor)
David Lowry (School Governor)
Gemma Courtney 

No donation is to too small to support our cause and you can donate using the following link: