Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Executive Leadership Team

Executive Head: KT Khan

Head of School: Pat Quigley MBE

Associate Head: Joanne Sweeney

Assistant Head: Wayne Revell

Lead Practitioner: Pablo Menendez

Business Manager: Jacob Adeshina

Primary Teachers

Bumblebee: Miriam Bontorin

Ladybird: Weronika Kutek

Butterflies: Giovanna Zullo

Tiger Lily: Patricia Gutierrez Gavino

Bluebell: Debora Imperatori

Peonies: Fiona Parker

Edelweiss: Violetta Alijarde

Snapdragon: Lalage Harris

Ivy: Shirley Murray

Tulip: Maria Cruz

Secondary Teachers

Cedar: Elisavet Papageorgiou

Willow: Laura Cologni

Chestnut: Ana Salas Lopez

Pine: Genevieve Gilchrist

Spruce: Marcin Lubanski

Oak: Ignacio Heres

Beech: Joedy Franssen

Maple: Elena Zurita

Ash: Jeremy Reynolds

Sycamore: Nadege Soula

Enrichment Team

Secondary Art: Maria Escribano

Primary Art: Sagel Ibrahim

PE: Patricia Cortina

Drama: Laura Lamas

Dance: Debbie Snowden

Work Related Learning: Martin Kiel

Membership of the Governing Body   

Full name Name known by Type Appt. Date Term Who appointed
Barbara Reissner Barbara Reissner Staff 05/09/16 4 years Elected
Sharon Blair Sharon Blair Parent 15/4/14 4 years Elected
Rita Krishna Rita Krishna  Co-opted  08/05/2017  4 years GB
James Peters James Peters LA 20/7/14 4 years GB
Sally Marsh Sally Marsh Co-opted 15/03/16 4 years Elected
Kt Khan Kt Khan Head  4 years Ex officio
Timothy Diggins Tim Diggins# Co-opted 25/9/13 4 years GB
David Lowry David Lowry* Co-opted 25/9/13 4 years GB
Patricia Quigley Pat Quigley Associate 25/9/13 4 years GB
Alison Garnham Alison Garnham Parent 01/09/2017 4 years Elected
Shaher Mayet Shaher Mayet Parent 01/09/2017 4 years Elected
Veran Patel Veran Patel Parent 01/09/2017 4 years Elected
Jacqueline Myers Jacqueline Myers Parent 01/09/2017 4 years Elected
Anna Carreiro Anna Carreiro Parent 01/09/2017 4 years Elected
Nasima Begum Nasima Begum Parent 16/04/2019 4 years Elected
Georgia Batziou Georgia Batziou Co-opted 20/11/2018 4 years Elected
Sagel Ibrahim Sagel Ibrahim Co-opted 19/03/2019 4 years Elected

* Elected Chair of GB 10 November 2015 (to 31 October 2016 or first meeting of the Autumn Term) # Elected Vice-Chair GB 10 November 2015 Former members of governing body

Name Type Date stepped down
Sue Nash Parent 31 December 2014
Alicia Lynch Staff 8 May 2016
Samantha Parrilon Parent 24 June 2016
John Ioannou Parent 26 November 2016
Haia Ironside Staff 15 June 2017

Operations Committee

Operations Committee Terms of Reference

Tim Diggins, Kt Khan (Executive Head), David Lowry, Pat Quigley (Head of School), Jacqueline Myers, Rita Krishna (Chair)

Pupil Progress and Welfare Committee

PPW Terms of Reference

Pat Quigley, Sharon Blair, Barbara Reissner, Rita Krishna (Chair), Sally Marsh, David Lowry, Veran Patel

Head Teacher Performance Management Committee Tim Diggins, David Lowry, James Peters  

 Attendance at meetings 2017/18 Governing Body Operations Committee PPW Committee
act/poss act/poss act/poss
David Lowry 4/4  3/3
James Peters  2/4  3/3
Marcin Lubanski  3/4  3/3
Sharon Blair  4/4  3/3
Pat Quigley  4/4  3/3  3/3
Sally Marsh  4/4  0/1
Kt Khan  4/4  3/3
Tim Diggins  3/4  3/3
Barbara Reissner  3/4  3/3
Rita Krishna  3/4  2/2  0/1
Anthony Kalu  1/2
Veran Patel  3/4
Shaher Mayer  3/4
Alison Garnham  2/3
Ana Carreiro  3/4
Jacqueline Myers  2/4  0/1


Register of InterestsName of Governor/Associate Relevant business & pecuniary interests Governance role in other educational institutions Material interests from relationships with governors or school staff(including spouses, partners, close relatives)
Sagel Ibrahim TBC TBC TBC
Rita Krishna None The City Academy Hackney None
James Peters None None None
Sally Marsh Think Forward UK None None
Kt Khan None None None
Tim Diggins Red56 LtdField Notes Communities Ltd None None
Barbara Reissner None None None
David Lowry None None None
Nasima Begum TBC TBC TBC
Pat Quigley None None None
Shaher Mayet TBC TBC TBC
Jacqueline Myers TBC TBC TBC
Anna Carreiro TBC TBC TBC
Veran Patel TBC TBC TBC
Alison Garnham TBC TBC TBC